About Probus Club of Chennai (It was called earlier Probus Club of Madras formed in the year 1992, at the initiative of Rotary Club of Madras, with 13 members) was registered in the year 2004. Now, the club has about 360 members.

Admission is open to senior citizens of age 50 & above, whenever vacancy arises. It is non-political and non-profit organisation as per Probus Concept formalised by Probus International (www.probus.org)



The Probus concept was promoted by rotary International in 1968, with the setting up of a Probus Club in Caterham,in England. There are several probus clubs in several countries now.(www.probus.org)

Probus clubs are generally sponsored by local Rotary clubs, bur more in the membership rules vis-a vis those sponsoring clubs. Probus ia an acronym by forming the first syllable in each word PROfession and BUSiness. Basically, Probus clubs work towards enrichment of live of the elderly. It is in the service of the society with no moorings in politics, religion, caste or race. These are non-profit making and non-fund raising organisations.

To be non-political, non-profitable and provide a platform to have fellowship, friendship and fun for men & women in their retirement and semi-retirement years by giving them opportunities to exhibit their skills and talents.

To have regular meetings, events and tours. Increase visibility by publishing monthly News Letter and Annual Book for senior citizens. Reduce gap with younger generation.


The club is administered by the Executive-Committee, as per the bye-law and amendment thereof as approved by General Body and Registrar of Societies. The Executive Committee consists of office-bearers - President, 3 Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Joint Secretary supported by Joint-Secretary and Joint-Treasurer for Charitable funds and 16 Executive committee members. The Executive committee is elected every 2 years. Opportunities are given to other non-elected members in the various sub-committees for execution of club operation.

Current Executive Committee team

  • C R Sundaram
  • M S Sivarama Krishna IRS (Retd)
  • R Venkatesan IA &AS (Retd)
  • N Subramanaian, IRS (Retd)
  • Mrs Shanmuga Sundaram
  • Capt.Dr M Singaraja
  • T T Srinivasamurti
  • K Venkatachari
  • R Manickam
  • Dr Mrs V Balambal
  • M D Vijayarangam
  • Krishnaram Davey
  • V Audimoolam
  • Dr.T.S.Ramaswamy
  • R.T.Namasivayam
  • S Gopalakrishnan
  • B.Ranganathaan